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Our Story

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Several years ago my wife and I adopted 2 rescued Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.


We live opposite woodland and love to take them out for long walks.

The problem we had was we would often come back very muddy, we felt it cruel to hose them down with cold water especially in the winter. Before our mucky pups dog shower, we would carry them up to the family bathroom to wash them. This would result in a dirty bathroom, dirty carpet and a bad back.

We needed a solution and took to the internet googling dog showers, nothing really cut the mustard and so Mucky Pups was born.

We worked closely with a leading manufacturer to develop a product capable of withstanding the British weather, whilst still looking stylish and of course able to wash Mucky Pups!

We are proud and confident to say that we have produced, without doubt, the best dog shower on the market.

Our Team
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