Installation Instructions


Select a site to install the shower that has the easiest access to the hot and cold water supply and is away from any electrics that might be affected by water when using the shower.

Ensure there are no electrical cables, gas pipes or water pipes that could be damaged when drilling holes through the wall.




Once the installation site has been chosen mark the position of the centre hole on the external wall.

Use a 60mm diameter hole cutter to

cut a hole. This hole doesn’t need to go all

the way through the wall it just need to be

deep enough so the valves and push fit

connectors are in the hole with the front

of the unit flush to the wall.

With the unit flush to the wall use a spirit

level to level and mark the position of the

4 fixing holes and then drill with an

appropriate drill bit.

Remove the unit and attach 15mm straight

connector push fittings (we recommend John

Guest Speed fit) to the valves and appropriate

lengths of 15mm pipe (copper or plastic).

You may need to chip out some of the wall with a chisel to allow the push fit fittings

to slide in.

Mark and drill pipe holes through the large hole you have cut (any size drill bit above 15mm). Isolation valves should be used to enable you to turn off the water supply to the unit during periods of extreme freezing conditions and when going away for periods of time.

The valves on the back of the unit are colour coded:
Red = Hot and Blue = Cold – make a note of which is which.

Remember to put wall plugs in the fixing holes and put the unit back in place on the wall, pushing through the pipes. It is worth placing tape over the pipe ends to stop debris or insulation going in to the pipes. Screw the unit to the wall using the screws provided.

Cut the other end of the pipes to length and attach to the appropriate existing hot and cold water pipes.