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  • Are they really warm water showers?
    Yes the showers have controllable hot and cold water just like the shower in your bathroom.
  • So where does the hot water come from, does it need to be connected to gas or electric?"
    No gas or electric connections are required. They are simply connected to your hot and cold water supply.
  • How do you control the temperature?
    Just like a normal shower you control the temperature by turning the handle.
  • I have mains fed cold water and tank fed hot water will this work?
    Yes the valves in the shower unit balances the pressure.
  • Are the units frost resistant?
    The units are made of the highest quality materials and are both frost and UV resistant.
  • How long is the shower hose?
    Its 1.5m - We also sell extension hoses in the accessories store.
  • Are they difficult to install?
    No they are really simple, a competent DIY'er can fit in less than an hour. The instructions are on our website and we are happy to help if you have any queries. If your not confident then just use a local plumber.
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